AMLaP is an international conference which has established itself as the premier European venue for interdisciplinary psycholinguistic research. The conference aims to bring together experimental, computational, and theoretical perspectives on the cognitive architectures and mechanisms which underly any aspect of human language processing, from lexical processing, parsing and interpretation, through to discourse level mechanisms. Contributions to AMLaP which explicitly relate empirical findings with computational mechanisms are especially encouraged.

This web-site provides general information about the conference, previous events, and links (see right!) to the web-site for the coming conference.

AMLaP 2024 will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland from 5-7 September, 2024! Please go to the site for this year's AMLaP, for specific details concerning the conference!

In addition, the 3rd AMLaP Asia event is being planned for the end of 2024 … more details soon.
AMLaP 2023